Guide To Use TT Guest Post submit Plugin

TT Guest Post Submit is a plugin that enables you to submit posts with the featuted image as a guest or visitor. Author doesn't have to log in or register to the site. This plugin is very handy for the blog sites where different authors are encouraged to submit posts.

Features included in this plugin

  • Plugin option page - User can customize settings.
  • Email notification to admin eamil or any other email after successfull post submission.
  • Customized Post Submission message.
  • Field Selection ability.
  • Anyone can post from anywhere in the site
  • Category selection
  • Attach featured image. More than one image and other media items can be added to the post.
  • Captcha enabled which protects spams
  • Use shortcode to display the submission form anywhere
  • Post submissions may include title, tags, category, author, url, post and image
  • Redirect user to current page or any other page (which can be set from option page) after successful post submission
  • HTML5 submission form with streamlined CSS styles
  • Minimum Number of Characters required for the post
  • Maximum resolution for the uploaded images
  • Specify File types for upload
  • Specify file size
  • Restrict the number of images for upload
  • Display selected categories in submit form
  • Ability to select more than one category
  • Add a default category
  • Enable/Disable comment on the post
  • Rich text editor
  • Multiple notification email
  • New field added
  • Enable Filter for title
  • Let the user choose the title of each field
  • Ability to rearrange the fields in user interface
  • Enable/Disable redirection to the new published post after post submission
  • Google reCaptcha implemented

How to Use


  • Unzip & upload the plugin directory inside your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or From your wordpress admin dashboard click on Plugin menu -> Click on "Add New" button -> Search for "TT guest" in the search box -> From the search result screen click on "Install Now" button for "TT Guest Post Submit" plugin.
  • Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  • Plugin is ready to use. In which ever post or page you want this submit form to be available the shortcode needs to be applied there.


Plugin Settings:

Setting page can be accessed from Dashboard -> "Settings" from the left pane -> Click on "TT Guest Post Submit".

There are 4 sections in settings page.

General Settings:


Send Notification Via Email: If this check box is checked then a notification email will be sent to the nominated email address.

Email For Notification: If an email address is provided and the previous check box is checked then notification email will be sent to the email address entered in this text field. If text field is kept empty then email will be sent to admin's default email address.

Post Submit Confirmation Message: Entered text will be displayed as confirmation message after the post is submitted by the author.

Allow Redirect to Submitted Post: This option will only work when an author is logged in and submit the post. If this option is selected them author will be redirected to the submitted post.

Redirect To: Author will be redirected to the entered url after post submission. Otherwise it will stay on the post submit form page.

Publish Status: Select the status of the post after its submitted. It can only be one of the 3 options which are "Publish", "Pending" or "Draft" 

Guest Account: Select the default author for the post.

Content Editor Type: Select the type of the content editor. "Simple" is the option where no text editor options are available. By selecting "Rich Text(Full)" option you can use all the editor options. By selecting "Rich Text(Tiny)" few editor options will be available.

Minimum Length of the post: Minimum number of character that a post should have. If the author submits a post with character less than this set number then it will give a warning message and post will not be submitted.

Maximum Length of the post: Maximum number of character that a post should have. If the author submits a post with character more than this set number then it will give a warning message and post will not be submitted.

Enable Comment: Selecting this option will enable the comment section for the submitted post.

Enable Filter For Post Content: Selecting this option will enable the filter for the content while an author will submit the post.

Enable Filter For Post Title: Selecting this option will enable the filter for the title while an author will submit the post.

Add Filtered Words: A list of words which will be user for filter if "Enable Filter For Post Content" option is selected.

Select Categories To Display: From this option you can select one or more categories which will be available in post submit form for author to select when submitting a post.

Select Default Category: Select a category which will be automatically selected as default category when author will submit a post unless another category is selected during submission.

Select Captcha Type: Select either easy captcha which is a text/image based captcha or Google reCaptcha which is more secured.

Image Upload Settings:


Maximum File Size: Maximum file size of the file to be uploaded in KB.

Allowed File Type: A list of allowed of file types that can be uploaded. List of types needs to be comma separated and no spaces in between.

Maximum Number of Images to Upload: Set the maximum number of images that can be uploaded. If author tries to add more images than this number then post submission will not be completed.

Maximum Resolution For Image: Set the maximum resolution of the image that can be uploaded. 

Google reCAPTCHA Settings:

GooglereCaptchaSettingsSite Key: Enter the site key achieved after the registration of the website. 

Secret Key: Enter the secret key achieved after the registration of the website.

Field Selection:


 There are 12 fields that can be added in the post submit form. Admin can select the check box next to each field name in order to make it available in the form.

For each field there is another check box called "Required". If this check box is selected for any particular field then Author cannot keep that field empty when submitting a post. Admin can select which field should be marked as required. 

"Order" is to set the order of field appearance in the submit form. filed with lower value will appear first in the form. 

"Title" is optional as there is default title already set for each field if this text box is left empty. Else the entered text will be the title for that field. 

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